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Introducing Tora's Sparkle Dust - Bolt Balm Glitter Gel

Tora is proud to announce her new Bolt Balm Glitter Gel - Tora's Sparkle Dust.

Tora Partnered with Elektra Cosmetics to create a custom Bolt Balm Glitter Gel, which is not sold in stores and can be purchased at the below link and shipped to the U.S. only (message for International shipping) or purchased in person at any of Tora's live events. .

Elektra Cosmetics Bolt Balm is an intense blend of chunky and fine glitters custom mixed in an aloe vera gel base. It’s perfect for hair, body, face, or highlight but is NOT eyelid safe.

Bolt Balm is vegan, cruelty-free and great on sensitive skin. It’s hand-blended with love in the United States (New Orleans to be exact!).

Drag queens, cheerleaders, cosplayers, and Soccer Moms alike love this cult-classic glitter gel. Bolt Balm is a party in a jar! It’s the go-to at music festivals, weddings, parties, parades, football tailgates, and on stages around the world.

Bolt Balm is easy-on, easy-off glitter that goes on with a quick swipe of a finger or spatula applicator and comes off just as easily with a lint roller or tape.

To get the ultimate sparkle, Bolt Balm can be layered over a Body Shimmer or you can dab on additional Elektra Microfine glitter while the gel is still wet.

Instructions for use: Simply paint Bolt Balm on in thin layers to the face, body, and hair. The flatter you lay it to skin the longer it holds (often for 8 hours or longer!). Do NOT use on eyelids or close to eyes. DO NOT use on children or pets.

To learn more about Elektra Cosmetics you can visit their website at

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