What an amazing day! When I was a young boy, I always felt jealous of the girls who got to run for Homecoming Queen, the fact that they got to ride in beautiful convertibles In great dresses... and I wanted to be them! Today that little boy inside me was screaming! I got that dream! And I blew it out of the water! I got to ride in a new Bentley, being the star for Drag Queen Network in the Orlando Pride Parade! I mean... does it get better!?!? I have never felt so alive and in my element!! Thank you so sooo much to my producer and amazing friend Beth Wheatley for constantly making my dreams come true! I am speechless for you always having my back and seeing something in me, like no one else does. Thank you for all the insanely hard work and $$$ you do for the Drag Queen Network and for today’s parade. Thank you to Justine for always being there working your butt off, and for my amazing edits, and your vision. Thank you to Charlie Crook for pushing me, and being that constant friend. Thank you to Joshua Eads (Ginger Minj) for putting me in Drag and helping me on the path I am suppose to be on. It feels so right! Thank you for my amazing family and all of my friends! I am nothing without you all! ❤️❤️❤️Happy Pride! Pride has never been what it was today! I am so proud to be a Drag Queen, and a Gay Male!